Nor~Lea Shelties
Adult Dogs
Occasionally we may have adult/retired Shelties and Shih tzus available for adoption.
Some of our girls turn out not to be suitable for motherhood and would prefer to be spoiled as the family pet.
Our adult and retired Shelties or Shih tzus will only be adopted out to the home we feel will best suit him or her.
Please email for more information about the dogs that are available.


Retired And Adopted

Itti Bittie Kittie is retired and living a wonderful life with Donna.

Reeki and Bailey are now retired and will be staying with us.

Blue is retired and now living with the Maybe's.
This is the father to Ginger's & Dakota's litters.


Hi Lea, Just wanted to send you updated photos of Stacy since the only one we sent from her new home was when she was loosing her hair!

Lea, I wanted to reach out and send you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year message from the five of us. I have to tell you that I am just soooo pleased with these two wonderful dogs. They have joined my family and have stepped right in. I couldn't be happier!!! I just wanted to thank you again for sharing these two great kids with me.
Over the Christmas weekend we all piled in my truck and took a road trip to North Carolina to visit my sister. They were fantastic travelers and great guests at Colleen's house. Including my four dogs there were 12 dogs all total but everyone got along just fine and there was no problems or skirmishes.
Tink and Annie are really settling in at my house. Tink loves hanging on the couch and watching the birds and any other wildlife out the big sliding glass door. Annie is taking over for Kenai as the Sheltie who follows me wherever I go. Having the two of them here has made a very positive change in my old girl Belle. She is much more active and perky and runs around full of energy. I just love having them here.
I'm working on a decent picture of all of them together. It's a bit of a challenge to get 4 dogs to be still for a few seconds.... I did attach a few for you.
Merry Christmas again!
Mike Keating

Annie is next to Mike and then Tink... the Tri's

Stacy has been retired and is living with her new family in her forever home.

Smokey has been adopted and is living in his forever home with Jane and Joe K. in Orchard Park, NY.

Jill is retired and living with Elaine in Pittsford, NY.

Coco is now retired and living with Grandma Doherty in Florida.

Cappy is now retired and has a forever home with a family in Syracuse.

Oak Hill Hidden Treasure (Tessa) is retired and living with Bob & Elaine Zinnecker - Penfield, NY

Tessa is now retired and living in Penfield, NY.

Sky is retired and now living near Albany.

Nor~Lea Shelties
Princess Sky is retired and has found her forever home.

Buddy is retired and staying here at Nor~Lea Shelties.

Nor~Lea Shelties
Shelby is retired and living with Jerry and Phyllis W. in NY.

Nor~Lea Shelties
Foxie is now retired and living with the Allens.

Nor~Lea Shelties

Nor~Lea Shelties
Vida now lives with the Michielson's enjoying sunny days on the beach at her lakeside home in Sodus Point, NY.

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