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Hello Lea, Just an update on Beautiful Sadie, she turned 7 in October, loves the snow. Keeps our house running on schedule. We walk twice a day.
She has a sense of humor ( takes gloves and socks) and she has gotten us through the quarantine with her antics.
As always thank you for our beautiful addition.
Dave and Linda Kershaw
New Jersey

Hi! We bought a puppy from you last April. We named him Indy (after Indiana Jones).
We absolutely adore him and can't imagine life without him.
Thanks! Laura


Cassie & her new family want to wish you a Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year.
PS She's doing great!
She is the smallest one.


Our little guy is doing great!!! Adjusting well to everything.
Moms already in love with him. Thanks so much!!!


Lea, a few pictures of Little Princess' first few days at her new home.
Playing in her playpen, riding in her booster seat, visiting her Aunt Kathy and doing a selfie looking at the iPad.
I am so happy she is such a loving puppy, we are learning about each other each day.



Hi Lea, Hope all is well. Today our precious Lexi is 2 yrs old.
She has brought so much joy into our lives. She loves to cuddle and very affectionate.
We had a snow storm yesterday and she just loves running around in the backyard trying to catch the snowflakes or just running thru the snow.
She is doing great. Thank you for picking us as her forever home.
Mary Ellen & Greg


Hello Lea, Sadie has grown into a beautiful lady.
She enjoys camping and we have traveled all over the east coast.
Thank you for breeding such a fine lady and family member..
Dave and Linda



Hi is Lou in Edinboro...........
Hunter (new name ...Pumpkin) is doing wonderful. He is an extra special little sheltie puppy.
I can tell you have done a great job of breeding your pups. Pumpkin and I have become very close.
He is extremely intelligent and learns very quickly. He loves to be close to me and even sleeps on the floor next to me.
Pumpkin is a true Sheltie in every way !! He loves to please me and is always at my side.
He has been totally house broken from the beginning. Pumpkin always barks and goes to the door to let me know he needs out.
I am glad you brought him to Edinboro for me. blessings. I hope all is well

Lea, Here are some pics of Pepper. Linda was not too fond of the name Ozzy so we all decided to call him Pepper.
He has grown to 7 pounds now! We all love him and my in-laws are always over to play with him.
He gets along fine with strangers and his fenced in backyard is his backyard - no doubt about that!
Pepper has brought our whole family closer together and we all love him.
He may be small in stature, but he sure has a big heart. He is wicked smart and does not forget a single thing!
Thanks for giving us the opportunity to add Pepper to our family.
Our vet says he is super healthy and she has never seen a smaller Sheltie at 7 months old.
Pepper fits right in to our small house and cars! He really enjoys rides in the car :-)
Linda & Tom Unangst



Dear Lea, We just wanted to thank you again for sharing a part of your family with ours.
It's was a year ago today that Melody brought an angel to our home.
Percy AKA Lenny is the smartest most amazing dog with the sweetest disposition imaginable.
If we could take every wonderful sheltie trait and wrap it in fur and love it would be our Percy.
He's wonderful with our four kids, his dachshund sister and our kitty too.
He knows lots of tricks and loves to go on daily runs and walks with us.
Everywhere we go with him people stop us to ask about him and he greets everyone with a wagging tail and big smile.
Please kiss his mom Sedona for us we can't thank you all enough for her baby he is loved very much.
As far as breeders go you're the best!!



Hi Lea, I just wanted you to know Lexi is the love of our life. We could not have ask for a nicer Sheltie.
She loves to cuddle and still a little timid. She is about 20 lbs. Loves jumping around in the snow.
I have enclose a picture of her watching the super bowl as she is a Patriot Fan.
She will be 11 months old. Hope all is well with you.
Mary Ellen & Greg


Lea, We are so happy with our puppy, we can't thank you enough!!! I've included some pictures , he's grown so much !
We are interested in another puppy in the future. As we'd like Bentley to have a friend.
Please let us know of any upcoming litters ! We'd love to work with you again.
Best Regards,
Stephanie & Brad



Kaylee is a real sweetheart and loves to give kisses. She is only 10 lbs and very small compared to my other shelties.
She loves her belly rubbed. I am in the process of teaching her to catch and retrieve a frizby.


Hi Lea, Hope all is well. We thought you would like to know how Lexi is doing- She is up to 7 lbs 4 oz as of June 23. She is up to date on her vaccines and the Vet feels she is doing well.
She is such a joy. I have enclosed a picture of her taken today. We will be in touch again.
Mary Ellen & Greg


Carley is getting along great with Reggie.
She is such a sweet girl!
We love her!


Hi Helene,
I want to thank you once again for our beautiful little Lexi. She did great on the ride to Dedham. She got out the car and pee right away. She been outside with is a few times- running .
She has eaten and knows what to do when we bring her out. I could not have ask for a lovely little girl pup. She has barked a few times. She loves to cuddle.
Of all the breeders I contacted - you were the only one who replied and how lucky we were to adopt our Lexi.
We will take excellent care of her and love her forever.
Hope you had a safe trip today.
We will be in touch.
Mary Ellen & Greg


Lea, Sadie will be a year old at the end of the month. She loves to run in the mountains of WV, she keeps us busy on long walks up and down the hills, with her endless energy. We love her dearly as she does us and rarely leaves our side.
Dave & Linda Kershaw


Lea, Sadie is enjoying her summer playing her favorite catching game ( she rarely misses) ! She has a wonderful personality and we enjoy her company. She is turning into a fine lady.
Dave & Linda


Hi Lea, I wanted to let you know that Harley is doing well. He is 5.8 lbs and doing great. He is definitely petite but not underweight - believe it or not. I didn't think his parents were that small but I am sure they are smaller than I remember. He is soooo handsome! I tried sending a picture from my phone to your email so I hope you get it. He is so energetic, playful and well behaved! He is such a wonderful boy! He just had a great check up at the vet. I know we never bothered you about his ears again but don't worry - we cleaned them a few times and keep an eye on them but even the vet said they looked clear. Don't forget - sometime I want the family picture you took the day we brought him home! We also have a puppy book we are doing for him so if you have pictures of his parents again that you can send - we can put those in there too! We take him everywhere and people always ask where we got him....we can't tell people enough good things about getting our puppy from you!
Thank you,
SueEllen Ruffell & Family

Good afternoon Lea, Sadie made friends through out South Carolina, both two legged and four, ( she spent the afternoon at the Wag Factory/ Doggie Day Care) in Charleston when our son gave us the tour of the town. She was a prefect young lady in the pet friendly Hotel ( Rocky Mount NC) and traveled well in the car. Murriels Inlet SC, she made friends with the entire retirement community and was welcomed by our friends with her own puppy bed. Her social skills are amazing and she certainly enjoys the attention. Her favorite place ( other than the beach) in our rental cottage was the sofa, she could observe the action in every room. Will keep in touch.

Good evening Lea, Sadie is doing great making friends, we have been interacting with people as much as possible, we visit as a family to neighbors and friends. She has become friends with a black lab and a kitten of our good friends down the street, (I guess no one told the kitten or Sadie they are not supposed to get along.) She has reached her gangly stage and her legs are growing quickly, she loves to run in the back yard and carriers her tennis ball wherever she goes ,just in case someone will play. She does well on a leash and we walk at least twice a day. She sleeps all night and our vet is very impressed with her health and disposition.

Good morning Lea, Just an update, Sadie loves to travel to Pet Smart, The young ladies working there know her by name and fuss over her when we get there. She enjoys watching the parakeets and sits in her "princess" position ( two front feet together and back straight) and watches the birds. She loves to travel up and down the aisles playing with toys. Of course she always get to bring one home. She socializes with other customers and their dogs, We will travel the end of the month to South Carolina and she will be going with us. Hope she likes the beach ! All the best.



Hi, In 2009 my husband and I adopted two of your sheltie pups. We are pictured on your website (The Moultons). I just wanted to give you an update on how the boys are doing. We kept the bigger of the two, and he is named Dakota. He is such a good boy, we adore him. I attached a picture of him (1st picture), although normally he is much fluffier, but he just returned from the groomers in this picture. He has a country home and gets plenty of running time. He is gentle, laid back and very affectionate. The second pup was the runt of the litter. He went to my parents and they named him Puppino. He is one of three dogs in their home and we say he is the old man of the bunch because when the other two get to playing a little too rough or loud for his liking he barks and scolds them until they calm down. He also is a dog who loves to snuggle. He is the second picture attached.
We are ever grateful that these boys are part of our families. Hope this email finds you well, take care!
Erica Moulton



I can't thank you enough. This precious unique little puppy is the most wonderful addition to our little family. He was very well mannered and the sweetest demeanor. I'm beyond satisfied with our new puppy, very satisfied with the time you have taken out of your days to communicate with me and answer any questions. Hands down the most beautiful dogs and a wonderful person to buy from.
Thank you, Lea!


Lassie in FL with Alicia.


Hi Lea, Harley is unbelievable! Yes - I have been doing his ear drops too! Let me know when it is a good time to drop off the medicine. We will be around on Sunday or can come some evening next week.
I know you aren't going to believe this but he is sooooooo good...he cried for less than 5 minutes his first night but other than that - he has adapted to our household routine so well. We have had maybe 4 piddle accidents in the house and other than that he has gone on paper or outside. Not one poo accident in the house - only twice on paper and the rest outside!
Lastly, he is a funny eater and doesn't eat as much as I would have expected but we stay on him and he eats when we tell him. I am not concerned though because he is pooping at least twice a day and he is happy and definitely energetic!
Thank you for such a fantastic puppy!


Hi Norlea, Just wanted you to see how I have grown since I left your home. I'm very happy with my parents and big brother. We play all the time and are very healthy. Hope all my brothers are doing OK and have nice new families like mine. My birthday is almost here (July 1st) and then I'll be one year old and about half the size of my brother Jetta. I'm now about 18 pounds and he is 28 pounds.
Mommy and Daddy say Hi !
Love Comet Ross


Chloe is doing well. She is a very affectionate high energy dog. We love her. Each night we laugh as she follows our daughter to bed. She stays with her until she falls asleep and then hops into bed with us. We bought a camp this past year and spent most of our summer there. Chloe has made every trip with us. She loves camp. You can actually see the excitement in her every time we go. She has gained some weight. She weighs approximately 9 pounds now. It doesn't look like she is going to get any bigger. I was wondering how much her mother, Annie weighs and if any of the other puppies from that litter were tiny as well? She is so loyal and faithful. We are so happy that she has become a part of our family.
Gina Malinowski


Hi Norm and Lea, This is Mariah Baker from Vermont. We bought little Dottie about two years ago.. I thought we'd send the cutest picture that you might want to put on your website. We are truly lucky to have Dottie with us. She herds our chickens like crazy, is the most lovable dog, and is so precious. Just want to thank you again for this gift.
From the Baker Family from East Dorset, Vermont
P.S. A picture of Dottie is attached.


Hi Lea, Well this little girl "HOPE" is the cutest little puppy I have ever had and she really is just wonderful and very smart. So far only one accident in the house and she has slept from 10:30 to 6:30 or 7am all three nights. When I take her out of her crate I just say Hope do you want to go out, lets go out and i ring a little bell at the same time. Then I put her down on the floor by the front door and I have a bell hanging from the door knob. I ring that and she gets so excited and out we go. I bring her to the same spot every time we go out so she is aware as to where she should be going when we go out. As soon as she goes I praise her and give her a little treat. And she has caught on to that very quickly. I did this with my other shelties minus the crate because my sons took them out of the crate as soon as I closed their bedroom door (of course I did not know this at the time) and the puppies slept all night with them in their waterbeds. But they trained easily too. She has lots of fun with all her new toys but still sleeps with teddy during the night. I am so glad I found you and thank you so much for this wonderful dog. How are the new puppies doing? Any bigger? When you take some pictures of them can you please send them to me. When is leah expected to have her litter as I have a friend who has a dog that is old and ill and she also wants to get another dog right away as like me she has never been without a dog in her life. Well time to get some sleep since Hope has over an hour jump start on me.
Talk to you soon. Good Night

Hi Lea - I just wanted to let you know our little girl is adjusting well. We named her Sassy. Thanks so much for letting us get her.
Jennifer Mandy

Hi Leah, just to let you know that the girls are absolutely great. Bonnie(12/20/10) & Lexi(sable)(12/13/10) have adjusted well and we simply love having them as a part of our family. Right now they share the same crate and from day one never uttered a peep when put in. They run, run, run and after about an hour now, finally crash and nap. Its great having the two because they entertain themselves. I've attached several photo's just taken yesterday.

Thanks again. Nancy- Middle Island

Hi Lea, Just wanted to let you know how much joy the puppies have brought us! They are adorable. Thank you so much for bringing both of them, there was no way we could have left that sister behind! They did very well on the long ride home. We named them Shelby (the slimmer one) and Sassy (the sister who was almost left behind). They adjusted to us right away. At one point, Sassy sat straight up, looked directly at Wayne and started barking away as if to say "hey, thanks for taking me along!". All the way home we texted friends and family about the new pups. Our sons were so anxious to meet them they even invited friends to the house for the homecoming. Of course the puppies had just had a nice nap so they were so ready to meet everyone. Very cute! All were bowled over by their beauty! they slept right through the first night and are very happy. They will get to meet the vet on Wednesday. Again, thank you so much! We'll keep in touch from time to time to show you their progress. We are so happy with them!!!
Lois & Wayne Van Marter

Lea, Dexter is adjusting very well. Oddly enough he seemed to adjust as soon as we got him home. He is such a cutie and already loves his crate. He is eating and drinking regularly and seems to understand that he should go to the bathroom on the paper and even has outside plenty of times. He is wonderful, thank you so much for him! He is very playful and will run right over to us whenever he see's us. Jesse and Dexter are also getting along very well. We have attached a few pictures of Dexter!

Lindsey & Brendan

Hello Lea, Jessie is doing wonderful and he is a great addition to the family. He gets way more attention than he wants sometimes, because he is very loved. Jesse can sit, lay down, and never has any accidents anymore. He is so beautiful and his real coat has started coming in. Everyone wants to pet him when we take him on walks, and the vet loves him. Here are a few pictures of him.


Thanks again for the best sheltie puppy ever!!
Lindsey and the Family!

HI Lea, attached is a picture of Charlie, He really is having trouble adjusting to his new environment. (Kidding). He has been wonderful. The Vet loves him and so does our whole neighborhood. It took him only hours to accept us, and now of course he thinks he is the Alpha Dog in this family. Thanks for all of your help and providing us with a new member to our family. Will update you on future pictures and Charlie see's

Howard L. Hufford

Hi Lea, I was just browsing through your website today, and saw the baby pictures of Tully. I hadn't sent you a photo of him in a long time and thought you might like to see how beautiful he turned out to be. He'll be 3 years old in March. Although he looks quite elegant here, he is still full of fun and very adventurous. He's just a beautiful little boy, and we love him.

Hope all is well with you.
Sincerely, Patti and John

Good Morning Lea: Brad Robinson here. I purchased Mr Sidney from you back in early April..... I don't have any recent pictures, oh wait, yes I do.... The picture is from just over a month ago. He's starting to get his mature coat right now. His hair on his backbone is getting wavy with some distinct black tips. He is simply gorgeous. He's become Leia's dog. He responds very well to Mom and I, but he would do anything for Leia. Obeying Noah and Rebecca is purely optional, as far as he's concerned. He listens really well for them, if he wants to do what they want him to do! It's so great to have a Sheltie back in our house. After approx 15 years taking care of other people's cast-off dogs, it's nice to have one of our own.

I'll see if I can get you a better picture for your web page.
Thank you for the beautiful dog.
He's become such a wonderful, important part of our family in such a short time.

Hi Lea, Rudy is doing Great! Has slept thru the night with no accidents in his crate since we brought him home. The other two warmed up very quickly. Oh and he loves the rabbit. More his size. : ) Couldnt ask for him to do better potty training. He is just a doll.! Some many people who meet him say " He doesnt look real. Like he is a stuffed animal.

Thank you for such a great pup!

Hi Lea, Just wanted to send a quick e-mail to say that "baby girl" whose name is now officially Lexi is adjusting great! We have had SO much fun with her and she is catching on quickly to some of the crate training and commands! We took her to her first puppy vet visit today and everything looked good! I want to thank you so much for everything! We couldn't be happier and our so happy for our new addition to the family! We still have not taken a full family picture but I will try to take one soon and send one to you! Hope all is well with you and your husband and all the pups and that Tiny Ted and Monty and all the other puppies have found or are finding great homes!

Hi Lea, Just wanted to let you know that Phoebe is doing well. She is a very friendly pup and is so cute, everyone comments on her. We are working on the housebreaking and it's coming along fairly well. She doesn't like being alone at night, so we have moved her crate into the bedroom. Please feel free to use us as a reference. We were so impressed by how clean your home was and the great facility you have for all your dogs. It was just such a nice environment! Nicer than we've seen anywhere. Attached is a photo of Phoebe. As you can tell, she's pretty relaxed. Hope all is well with you.

Meg & David Vanek

Hello, I thought I would send an update about Mindy. We absolutly love her to death. She has brought everyone much joy and we get many compliments on her. She has fit very well into our family. She is 10 months already. Thank you for such a wonderful dog! I sent a picture along with the email, hopefully you can see it.
Sincerly, Nina Wilcox & Nick Sakers

Good Morning! Mr Sydney and I made it home safely last night. He is pretty funny, at one level. When he first got in the car, he pretty much "locked up". I was thinking he was a statue for a while. Absolutely motionless.... The only thing moving was his eyes. Before I got to the interstate, I had moved him onto the passenger seat and talked with him, and petted him in between his naps all the way home. Had to stop in Bennington, VT for a conference call, and he spent an hour getting used to the grass in the parking lot I stopped in. By the end of the hour, he was having a great time chasing leaves, and bouncing at my shoes, and in general seemed much happier about his surroundings. I got home and our babysitter and her boyfriend had showed up, so there were 6 people waiting for us. He turned into a statue again. I carried him in the house, set him down, and he didn't move for about 5 minutes. Just his eyes. I finally picked him up, took him out to the back yard, played with him, and then had the kids come out one at a time. By the end of the night, he was following the oldest around, would stand to allow the middle child to pet him, and would sit in the lap of the youngest. He slept thru the night just fine. My son's alarm clock went off at 2:00, so we went outside for a bit. He did his business, and back to bed. He slept in till 6:15 or so. He had a great time with the kids till they went off to school, and when I called home at 11:00 was standing on Dan-dan's back biting at her ear, while Dan-dan giggled and giggled.... Linda and I are so pleased. So are the kids, but we are so pleased. It feels like a part of our early years has come back to visit....
Thank you for the puppy.

Hi! I was just writing to you to say thank you so much for the greatest puppy! She has been amazing this last year and has picked up so quick on everything. She loves to cuddle and loves kids. I have attached some pictures of her and our other sheltie.

Dear Lea: It's Sherry from Fulton, NY. Ryley had a smooth trip home, my boyfriend had to switch so I drove home and had Ryley like a Kagaroo in his coat and she slept the whole way. She got home and met her extended family and melted their hearts. Her grandmother stole her first thing from me and her daddy and grandpa are overprotective. She ate some cottage cheese for lunch and a little of the Purina Puppy Chow for dinner. I was getting concerned because she didn't potty all day but as soon as I sat down for dinner she went potty on the floor, I actually couldn't be happier. Once I cleaned the floor and went to take another bit she had a bowel movement, so dinner was a little cold once I got to it, it's a wonderful life change though. She had a good night in her Kennel and all is well. She has several toys all over the house she's playing with and loves playing with the kids. My 3 year old niece is also on puppy patrol and covers Ryley in her blanket on the floor and sushes everyone because the baby is sleeping. She has been more than what we expected and we can't get the smiles off our faces. We can't thank you (and Jill) enough and I will try to drop you a line once in a while to keep you informed. I have attached a picture of Ryley with her new friends, her grandfathers boots.

Thank you again!
Sherry, Ryley and family

Hello, I thought I would send an update about Mindy. We absolutly love her to death. She has brought everyone much joy and we get many compliments on her. She has fit very well into our family. She is 10 months already. Thank you for such a wonderful dog!

I sent a picture along with the email, hopefully you can see it.
Sincerely, Nina Wilcox & Nick Sakers

Hi Lea - I was just dropping a note to update you on Sophia Bella...She is doing well. She is growing well (about 9 -10 lbs), is very bright, potty training well, and adorable. My only complaint is that she is a very early riser (5:00 ish) which is hard when I can finally sleep during the summer, and Gianna (my daughter) sleeps in until 8:00!! One of Sophie's ears is up most of the time, and the other is down - don't know if your other pup is like that - very cute! Crate training has gone well, and she will not have accidents in it through the night, or when she is left for several hours during the day. School starts soon, which will be a challenge.

I did attach a picture of my girls - Gianna just loves her, and Sophie is very patient with her. A great match!! Thanks again for allowing us to have her.
Stay in touch.

Hi lea, I am sending some pictures of Lacey. She is a wonderful little dog and we all love her.

Dan Cragg

Hi Lea, I check out your website often to keep an eye on what puppies you have and see that you have a litter that I believe share the same mom as our Colby (Sidney). They are so adorable! If we didn't already have two dogs I would be sooo tempted to take the littlest girl. Colby is doing great down here. He is so smart and playful, we have just adored him. He will be turning two in May. Thought I would send along a couple of pictures.

Hope you are doing well up in New York!!
Kim Sobolewski
Indiana, PA

Hi Lea, Things are going very well with Sadie. She loves to play and we are having so much fun with her!! She took little naps in between playing yesterday and she's already peed and pooped outside a couple of times! Here are a couple of pictures of her playing with her new toys. She's such a sweetie and we already love her so much!! She cried a little bit at night time, but quieted down after about 10 minutes. When I got up this morning, I took her right out and she peed for a long time!! She didn't stir at all last night!


Thank you so much - we really enjoy having Sadie as a part of our family!

Lea, Just wanted to wish you Happy Holidays!! Cody is doing so well. He is really the easiest dog we have ever owned!!
He is absolutely beautiful...and sweet as can be. Such a smart dog too.
I still check your website weekly....looks like you are doing well!!
Have a great week!!

Hi Lea, I just wanted to give you an update on Grant. He is adjusting very well in his new home. Storm, my older sheltie, was a little jealous at first and gave him the cold shoulder. Now they are together all the time. I named him Rocky. He is almost house broken now that he follows storm around the yard and knows where to go. He sleeps all night, but wakes up early in the morning wanting to play. He listens very well, he knows what the word no means. I placed rawhide bones throughout the house, he has not chewed on anything but the bones, even when we are at work. He loves attention and never leaves my side. You done a great job with this puppy, and that make it much easier for us to train him. He is a wonderful puppy, as I'm sure all of your puppies are... Just wanted to thank you for everything and I will send you a picture of him when he gets older. Talk to you later. John Murray

Do not hesitate to buy a puppy from Lea.
She is wonderful... she let me know what was going on with my dog every step of the way, and she sent along some of his other baby pictures. All her dogs are beautiful, and we couldn't be happier with our puppy. Thank you Lea !!

A Wonderful Breeder
I have the best puppy from NorLea Shelties. The whole experience was absolutely wonderful. Lea kept me posted on Oreo's growth and progress and emailed me photos so I could watch him grow from 2 weeks to 8 weeks old when I picked him up. He is such a good puppy and stunningly beautiful. My vet said he is in perfect health and that he must have come from a good breeder. I highly recommend getting your sheltie puppy from Lea. I know I will be back for another puppy from her someday!

I got the best puppy ever from this breeder!
I have a pup from this litter, born 7/13/06. I've had him for 2 weeks. He is in perfect health and is wonderfully socialized. He loves to play and sleeps upside down as if the world is his oyster. He slept peacefully in my arms the whole way home (11 hours). These puppies are the best in the northeast and I shopped long and hard before choosing. They are also, by the way, beautiful and I say that with no bias whatsoever.

Exceptional Breeder
I recently purchased a male Sheltie puppy from Nor~Lea Shelties and my experience could not have been as wonderful as it was with Lea of Nor~ Lea Shelties. It was my first time ever making such a purchase over the internet. I have to admit I was a bit nervous however, I cannot tell you how wonderful and at ease Lea made me feel. She e-mailed me pictures of our beautiful Cody and let me know how he was doing on a constant basis. She told me everything we needed to know and how to prepare for his arrival. I never met such a reliable and caring individual who puts so much love and care into their line of work. With that said I highly reccomend Nor~Lea Shelties. We are now the proud owners of a sweet, fun, and loving sheltie in which we truly enjoy and is now a special part of our family.

Superb Breeder with Quality Dogs ! ! !
I highly recommend Lea to anyone who is interested in buying a Sheltie! I bought a dog from her and have been nothing but satisfied. She is willing to give extra information on the breed and helps in every way she can! Feel free to contact me if you want to know my buying experience!

Tommy was Great!
We live in WA so we had to have our little guy flown in and the service was great. Lea was in touch with us everyday to let us know how he was doing and sent additional pictures while we waited for his vet appointment and his fly out date. Everything went so quickly and I couldn't have asked for a better puppy. He adjusted so quickly and has become such a huge part of our family. Thank You so much.

Love my Sheltie from Norlea
I have had my perfect sheltie puppy, Oreo, from Norlea for six months now. Oreo has brought so much life and energy into our home. Every morning Oreo wakes up with such exuberance, we can't help but smile. He follows me around all day, he never leaves my side. Oreo is just the perfect size (17 pounds) - small enough to carry around, but big enough not to look like a purse! He was by the far the easiest of all my dogs to train. It only took a couple days to potty train him! I look at Oreo, and can't believe how lucky I am to have him. If you are looking for a loyal, spirited, gorgeous, easily trainable sheltie, who is good with even very young children, look no further than Norlea. Lea is the best!

Wonderful Sheltie's
We just brought home "Sidney" now renamed "Colby" from NorLea and we could not be happier with him. We were able to tour the farm and visit with the many happy sheltie's that reside there. Lea was so wonderful! You can tell how much she loves and cares for these beautiful dogs & puppies.I am so happy that we found NorLea on puppyfind and would definitely go back to get another puppy from them in the future. He is such a happy, good natured, sweet puppy. Thanks Lea. From Stan & Kim in Pennsylvania

Outstanding Breeder, Priceless Shelties...
I just had the wonderful opportunity of purchasing a sable merle male pup from Lea, and I couldn't be happier with my experience. I've only had him a day, and I think he's perfect. Within twenty minutes of being home, he was running around and chasing me like he had been here for years. He's the happiest pup I have ever seen, he's a great eater, and he'll play with anyone or anything. I've been looking for a sheltie for quite awhile, and I'm so blessed to have found Lea. She answered any questions I had, and also gave quite a few tips that will definitely be useful. All of the shelties at Nor~Lea are incredibly friendly and playful, and most of all, they are well loved and a part of the family. I would recommend Lea to anyone interested in shelties, she's wonderful.

Wonderful People, Wonderful Puppies
We've been having the wonderful experience of visiting our puppy Tully since he was 4 days old. We live 180 miles away, so trying to schedule visits can be difficult. Lea has been most accommodating to us, making the process much easier, and fun too! She is extremely knowledgeable and professional. We haven't asked a question yet that she couldn't answer, and we've asked many! It is obvious that Tully (and all the other Shelties at NorLea) have been meticulously cared for, and truly loved. All their dogs are happy, beautiful and wonderfully socialized. Lea sends us pictures between visits, and updates us often on Tully's progress. We will be taking Tully home in about 6 weeks. It's hard to wait, but we are most confident that he will be receiving lots of care and loving attention until then. Do not hesitate to use NorLea as your breeder of the healthiest, prettiest and best little friends you could ask for! Trish and John, St Lawrence River, NYS

To any person looking for the sweetest dogs alive, and also searching for the best breeder found, please read on.
I had spent many numerous days, nights and countless hours searching for a male sheltie pup. Seeming like all was lost, I found NorLea's shelties. I sent an e-mail expecting the same, "Spay or neuter contract" or even worse.... "What makes you think you can just buy a sheltie pup?"
You can.
The reply from Lea was not only quick, but extremely helpful and mostly, caring. She helped me in more ways than I ever expected. Sending me e-mails almost every day, I found my little man. A very handsome sable merle little boy. After receiving e-mails of info, and pictures we tried to figure a way to get my boy home. I live in Mass., she in upstate New York. We tried everything from sending him to me with friends, flying him, or taking a road trip. When all failed, we took a road trip, a trip to remember.
NorLeas' is a beautiful place to get your home raised pup. Very clean and you can just see in all the dogs eyes, how well cared for they are.
I could go on forever, but please, if your looking for a great sheltie pup, look seriously at NorLea.
I really can't thank Lea enough, she will forever be in our hearts for giving us such a beautiful pup.
Many thanks Lea.
Loreene Lowder

Oreo is officially 3 months old and has been with us for a whole month (time flies!). Oreo has gotten noticeably taller, gained 3 pounds and of course got even cuter. Oreo knows how to fetch and loves to do it over and over. He has also learned how to sit when asked. Yesterday, he had his first try at hamburger - he thought it was yummy. He likes to herd furniture and people. Misty and Oreo love to chase each other all over the house. I feel sorry for those "only puppies" - Oreo just loves playing with Misty and she him. This is about the age Munchkin was when we first got him - so I feel lucky to have gotten this "extra" 4 weeks of puppy time with him. I'm trying to savor every moment - and clearly taking a lot of photos to document it all!


Hi, We are having so much fun with little Oreo. He has been prancing around the house, and I love the sound of his paws on the floor. He was very good in the car on the way home. He and Misty are getting to know each other. Oreo has had some food and water, and he has even peed (several times) and pooped on the papers! Can't believe he hasn't had an "accident" yet. He is so great and I thank you so much for such a wonderful puppy.

I'll keep you posted.

Hi Lea, We're good. Suki is spoiled rotten we are very attached to her. She pretty much rules the house. She loved the holidays we took her with as to the family gathering and all the family had a great time with her someone was contantly petting her or playing fetch with her. She is the perfect size large enough to be seen but small enough that you can carry her around. She right at 17 lbs and about 13 1/2-14 inch talled. She loves taking care of all she owns such as us and the cats. One of our cats died a few months ago so we got a new kitten and I think the kitten thinks he's a dog as he follows Suki everywhere and she seems to enjoy playing with him as well. She also loves going over to my sister-n-law to herd her sheep and horses. Took us a while to teach her that she must let the sheep out to the pasture to graze, she'd been keeping them herded into their pen. She is very smart we got her a new bed and some toys for the holidays and her birthday, she gathered up all her toys and put them in the bed. We'll send some photos soon..

Thanks again for our special little girl!

Just came from the vet. Duncan is in tip top shape. Everyone in Boothbay loves him. The Postmistress heard about him on the grapevine and had to come over to see him. He's the king of Boothbay. He doesn't like the fenced part of the yard. He only likes the front yard. When we got home from the vet he dashed from the car to the house, but he did stop first to pee. He's soooo good. The vet adores him too. I put the smaller crate in the office and he likes to sit in it while I'm on the computer, like now. He says hello to everyone back in New York. I love him to pieces.


Hi Lea, Just wanted to say hello and to tell you how beautiful Cody is growing. We took him to the vet, he got his first series of shots everyone is in love with him! I will send you a picture of him he is growing nicely. He really is a good puppy he has such a nice personality, he is into biting everything and everyone in sight! Talk to you soon. Regards Vikki

Hi Lea, Cody is doing very well he is growing so beautifully he is a gem! I am so very happy to have him and he is truly spoiled as you could imagine. He was so easy to train and that alone for me was i thought would be the hardest task but thank goodness he adapted very well to the wee wee pads!! He has gone to the vet and has gotten his 2 series of shots needed. I have to run out and do some errands I will talk to you soon. thanks again for giving me such a beautiful puppy we love him dearly! Best Regards, VIKKI

Hi Lea, I hope this finds you well. I did not know if you received my last e-mail a couple weeks ago, but I stated that I would like to be on your waiting list for next year with Saylor's mom again.
What a beautiful boy he is.

I've attached updated pictures of him. I will continue to do so. He loves his soft Frisbee and likes daddy's socks. LOL :o)
Thank you again for all of your help in making my family complete.
God Bless and please stay in touch.
Kimmie & Drew

A few months ago I was looking for a Sheltie puppy when I saw Lea's ad, so I emailed her. She responded right away and sent her phone number, so I called her and she told me all about herself and her puppies. I arranged to place a down payment on the little angel I'd seen. I'd never done this before so I was a little nervous, but Lea was great she helped me through it all and answered all my questions. Since I lived so far away I decide that perhaps flying Suki to me would be best, however the puppy was only 2 wks old so I'd have to wait until she was old enough to fly.

Lea was wonderful, she kept me updated on how Suki was doing with emails and pictures of my new puppy which I named Suki. Lea arranged the flight and she called to make sure that Suki arrive ok and was doing well. I couldn't have wished for a better experience. Suki is 14 weeks old now and doing wonderful, she is not only beautiful, but she has the sweetest and best personality. She's very cuddlly and bouncy, we all love her even my vet and the office staff love her. Lea still keeps in touch with me through emails and is very interested in how Suki is doing and I know that if ever I have a question or concern that Lea will be there to help. I can't thank Lea enough for bring my new little angel to me. Thank you so much, Brenda

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