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Just wanted to give you an update on Corina we renamed her Umi witch means ocean/sea in Japanese!
She is now my boyfriends emotional support dog and we could not see life without her!

Hello! Coming up on Wynters third birthday I just wanted to reach out to tell you THANK YOU for such an amazing dog!
She came to us when she was 8 weeks old and she was our first dog ever.
Wynter is the sweetest, smartest dog and everyone she meets completely loves her!
She is so loving, loyal and so playful. She doe not bark a ton and she is the best cuddle buddy.
She has the best disposition. so calm and observant. She is my bestfriend!
My husband was not a big fan of dogs but Wynter totally won him over.
So again! Thank you for doing what you do and hopefully we can get another shih tzu in the future.
Thank you, Latoya

Going outside. She had her first grooming date and did great.
Just wanted to let you know how she is doing.
Marge Pangrazio

Lea, Mia is doing wonderfully!
She has become my mother's pride and joy and she is loved tremendously.
She is so smart and funny and she is everything I had hoped she would be.
Thank you again. Hope you and all of yours have the happiest of holidays !!!

**** Testimonial ***Nor-Lea****
Thank you for a happy and healthy puppy girl. The photo(s) speak for themselves.
Missy is very happy with us and is so smart and playful. Just had her second shots at the Vet- all is well.
Missy came to us at 8 weeks old on November 10, 2018. She has adjusted well and is great with the Grandkids.
We are prior Shih Tzu owners and lost our dog due to age.
Looked into several breeders and chose you as the best fit for our family.
Thank You
Tom / Maya McMurtry
South River-NJ 08882
(Central NJ)

Hi Lea. Merry Christmas from Hazel. We love her to pieces. She is the sweetest puppy.
Sue & Allie

Hi Lea, Thought you would like an update,
Mia is doing well. She has claimed my mom as her very own.
Took a few days for her to get comfortable but now that she is, she let's any visitors know that they need to pass the test at HER house. She quite frightening at first. Lol
She can growl like the big dogs and bark like them too !!!
She has had her first vet appt. and got some ear medicine. She is scheduled for spaying and dental at the end of the month.
My mom is in love with her and she is always aware if my mom leaves the does she.
She is eating well and is coming along on the pad training.
Most days she loves to be brushed unless she's in a playing mood, then not much brushing gets done. She LOVES her toys!!!
Thank you again, she is perfect.

Not sure if you can see it here, but CoCo still loves to cuddle with her Nor-Lea blanket.
We named it Howard, after her best friend and playmate at your house. It smelled like home to her and Howard. It's still her favorite.

A year ago today we brought Benny home from Norlea Shih Tzu's in Walworth, NY.
He has grown into a handsome, affectionate, well behaved member of our family.
Thank you Lea Dill.
Anthony Zito

CoCo is 1
Dear Lea, Happy Friday. Today is CoCo's first birthday! I can't believe how quickly it has gone by.
I thought I'd write and send some updates as well as photos of CoCo from the past year.
In brief, CoCo is fabulous! She is funny, affectionate, extremely bright, and not to be trusted if there is an ounce of paper anywhere in sight.
CoCo's favorite game is to chase and retrieve balls. She gladly presents anyone she can find with a small tennis ball to throw around the house or in the yard.
Our back yard is fenced and as soon as the weather warmed up she was running around and exploring.
She does well on a leash, but her favorite is the back yard. She is also extremely fond of a stuffed toy moose (pictured in one of the attachments).
We just say, "CoCo, go get moose," or "Go get your ball," and she comes back with it.
She loves her people and does well when we have one of our large family gatherings. My younger nieces and nephews are just nutty about her.
No surprise, her absolute favorite being on earth is our other dog, Holly (age 9), who is pictured in several of the photos.
CoCo worships her and looks to her for cues on just about everything. They eat together, nap together, and chase each other around the house.
To her credit, Holly has done more than her fair share of raising the puppy. I think CoCo will be a wonderful companion for Holly, too.
CoCo also loves to go for a ride in a car. She is very well behaved and models Holly's calm behavior.
I've attached a photo of a recent trip to Petsaver where they rode around in the basket.
We've been working on our commands since she arrived. She's got the basic sit, stay, and touch down pat, but has selective hearing when it comes to "leave it." :-)
She's so bright, I think she might enjoy a "teen puppy" class.
My mother is home during the day, so CoCo and Holly enjoy hanging out with her.
Mom often has friends over and you can imagine that they are very popular with everyone.
I hope all is well with you and your family (two-legged and four-legged), and that you enjoy a wonderful holiday season!
Let me know if you have any trouble opening the photo files.
Warmest regards,
Amy McDonald

Hi Lea, Here's a photo of me and CoCo. Today is my birthday and we've spent quite a bit of time on the deck today. CoCo also loves running around the back yard with her other furry friend. Feel free to post.
Cheers, Amy

Lea, Olive flew to Texas yesterday and was a trooper on the plane. She slept quietly in her carrier the whole trip. She is now in Rockwall, TX with Emilie, Preston and her big sister Sophie.

Hi lea!
Just wanted to let u know Scarlet is doing amazing!
Her house breaking has come around too. She is such a beautiful joy.
Thought I send u a picture of her and her buddy. They play all the time. :)

Emmy is the Sweetest puppy!
We brought her home when she was 8 weeks old . She was already pee pad trained.
Lea would send me pictures and let us come visit any time.
We just love her so much!
The Frenette Family

Hi wanted to send you a picture of Yogi (Onyx). We had him fixed last Friday. He's doing great.
We love him to pieces. He is so bad compared to Rico. Lol.
He weighs 11 pounds. 😳. I like to keep you up dated. Thank you

Dear Lea, I've had Pebbles for almost two weeks now, and it's hard to find the words to say how much of a joy she is!
She's very smart and responds beautifully to positive training...She just turned 3 months on the 14th, so she is still an 'infant', but it' amazing how quickly she learns!
I really appreciate how you prepared her for me to take home! You started her on the pee-pad and she is almost 90% of the way to using this all of the time!
She knows her name, thanks to you helping me with that before I picked her up, and she amazes people when I call her and she comes running!
She sleeps in her playpen and cage all night and amuses herself in the morning until I get up and get her ready for the day with some grooming, etc...
Finding responsible, knowledgeable, caring Shih Tzu breeders with integrity is often difficult, and I am so glad that I found Nor-Lea Shelties and Shih Tzus!
I have attached a picture of Pebbles. (I have barrettes that are in the shape of a bone, but Pebbles' hair is going to have to grow a little longer for me to use them!...)
Thanks again for everything!
"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any."
Alice Walker, author of "The Color Purple"
Dr. Ralph Spezio (Ed.D)
Executive Principal, (Ret.)
Rochester City School District

We adopted an 8 week old shih Tzu puppy from Lea. We met our puppy when she was 1 week old.
We were able to visit and Lea sent pictures as she grew.
We finally took our puppy home. Her name is Hazel and she is such a sweetheart.
She is pee pad trained and very affectionate.
She is happy and well cared for and we love her so much already!
I highly recommend Norlea Shelties & Shih Tzus!
Sue & Allie


Hi Lea Ryder is doing great! Such a happy and lovable puppy! We are so pleased!

Rodeo is the best dog ever! We love him so much! Anyone who meets him loves him.
He has brought so much love into our family. He is so smart! We are so grateful to have found you and him!
He is healthy, happy and 14 1/2 pounds which is the perfect size for our family.
Theses are pictures from Halloween and his first snow!!!! Thank you for everything you did to help me to bring him home!!!
You were so giving!!! Have a Happy and Blessed New Year!!!!
Tricia, Jeff, Jessica, Matthew and Rodeo

Lea, Attached are pictures of our Benny after his first haircut.
He is so sweet and such a well behaved puppy.
You did a great job crate training and pee pad training him.
We love his color and highly recommend you to all our friends.
Tony & Rosa Zito

Lea, Sorry to take so long, but this is our Maple!!!
She was Pippa to you. We are loving her.
Thanks, Colleen

Lea, I wanted to send you a quick note and tell you we LOVE our little �Luna�. That is what we named her. Lauren loves her! Luna and our other Shih Tzu Bella, get along great!.
We have found Luna to be a very quick learner to knowing where our house is! We lived in a townhome community where all the homes and yards are alike.
She was able to lead us home in no time. We have now moved to the town of Ellenville, NY and once again, she knew her way home in less than a week.
Luna is a whopping 3lbs 10 oz this week. J I clipped her a few weeks ago and she was a star standing there and accepting the clippers. She has a wonderful and trusting attitude.
A previous neighbor of ours in the townhome community in Newburgh was purchasing a male puppy from you. They were to pick him up the week we moved out (around July 19th) , so we never saw him.
The daughter was so excited and loved sitting with Luna on the sidewalk when we too her out for a walk.
The woman met you and the puppies a few weeks before that and she had nothing but good things to say about you.
I hope everything is going well for you�. And all your puppies.
Thank you again.
Keith, Grace and Lauren Fennimore J
I will try to get Lauren to send some pictures!

We just LOVE her. She is a whopping 5 1/2 pounds now.
Thank you.
Grace Fennimore

Charlie is doing great just wanna say hi hope all is well

Hi Lea, I hope you're going great!
Just wanted to share some pictures of Missy.
She's very sweet and loved very much.
Everyone agrees she's adorable!
Hope you are having a great summer!

He is wonderful! Absolutely one of the best dogs we have ever had.
We named him Dexter and I will send you more pictures of him when I get home.
We took the dogs to the adirondacks with us and this is a picture of him enjoying the breeze while we were eating lunch at an outdoor restaurant:)
Reid family

Little love bug

Thank you Lea. Missy has been doing great, we love her a lot and she's a sweet and playful girl.
She's not been crying at night at all anymore and has been eating well and starting to spend time outdoors.
She has her favorite toys and likes teasing our nephew who comes to visit her.
We're so lucky to have her.
Thank you for all your help and letting us make her a part of our family.

Hi Lea, Bella (AKA Maddy) has adapted very well in her new home. She has been absolutely wonderful.
She slept all night and not a single whimper at all. She is so sweet and lovable and so adorable when she is playing.
She is doing well eating, drinking and going out to potty. Our chocolate lab and Bella are getting along nicely.
We just LOVE her so much. Thank you again!!

Hi Lea, This is Alan. We spoke about a month ago about me picking up another Shih Tzu puppy from you.
I've attached a picture of the last one we adopted from you. His name is Loukas. He's an absolute joy. Let me know what you have in your litter.
I can come up to pick up a puppy the first week in January.

Lea, I attached a pic of Phineas. We got him from you almost 2 years ago and we couldn't be any happier!
As I'm sure you can tell on my kids faces. He is a wonderful part of the family.
DuBose Family

Max at his new home with his new big brother.
Loved and owned by Cheryl S.

Toby at his new home with Nancy W.

Hi Lea! Just wanted to send you a recent picture of Daisy in her new bed. She is so precious. Looking forward to hearing from you on the new arrivals from Bailey and Stella!

Hi Lea, I just have to say this little girl Miss Kiki is a joy. She is so smart.
Last night she went to bed all by herself.
We were looking for her cause she was just in the living room with us, then were like where'd she go, so I checked her crate and there she was sound asleep.
She is already going outside and doing her business (still training but she did it). She fetches and sits already.
We are using training treats to reward her and she gets so excited when she does something great.
So I am very impressed on how smart she is for being so little.
Thanks again for all the lovin you give them as puppies, I'm sure that helps alot to make them so sweet. I'll keep ya posted.
Christine & Karl

Lea...Yes if you like her name is Elena Cirillo.
Her little button nose is black, she is absolutely lovable!
It was a hard decision as to whether or not to get my Mom a dog especially for her age to start with a puppy.
Annie made an amazingly easy transition, she never leaves her side.
Thank you for providing us with such a puppy that was so easy to train and so well behaved. It surely was a perfect match for her.
Best Regards

Lea, I just wanted you to know about Gidget. We had company from NC with 2 small children. She had not been around little ones.
Addison, age 5, carried her around like a stuffed animal for the 2 days they were her.
Gidget could not have been better with her. She just loved all the attention.
Now we are in NJ. Charotte,6, who was afraid of dogs because because the neighbors 2 dogs were out of the invisible fence and actually charged at her and knocked her down and turned around and ran over her again.
When she first saw Gidget, she wanted us to put Gidget away because she was afraid. Well, guess who will not let Gidget out of her sight.
She carries her everywhere, sits with her on her lap, makes her dance, tries to train her and takes her outside.
She just loves her. Gidget has the best temperament of any dog we ever had. I could not be happier with her and what she has turned out to be.

Hi Lea, I just wanted to let you know Bella (Lucy & Reeki Litter) is doing great!!
She had her 1st vet visit this morning and she weighs 3lbs & 3/4 oz. He said she was a very happy & healthy puppy!!

Hi Lea; Suzzy is doing awesome! The boys (Russel the sheltie and Mocha the Cavaler) just love her.
They are playing with her, kissing and licking her, russel slept with his face near her to keep watch over her.
She had a good trip back from your house, we stopped once to let her pee. She ate good yesterday, we softened the puppy food and she ate it that way.
She's a bouncy playful little girl and a wonderful addition to our household. Russel is very smitten with her and follows her everywhere.
She stands under his belly to hide under his fur and then pops out the other side. Very cute. I attached a couple of pictures.
The bed was super, she felt comfortable with the smell of her bed and was warm with her little pink sweather.
Thank you! I'll send more pictures as she grows up.
Shirl & Tom

He had a good night. He does not seem freaked out.
Loves to play with that squirrel, but also taking lots of naps. He seems to think he can't leave the piano room, which is fine with me.
Today I baked cookies and just kept going in and talking to him, and he was content to explore a little.
He entertains himself so well. Cuddles a lot with Madeline.
You were right about the paper, he is awesome!
Thank you so much, he is such a wonderful puppy.

Dear Lea, An update on the perfect puppy. She had her first full trim today and the groomer complimented you on your breeding quality.
She is no longer black and white but gray and white. I knew she would lighten up as she got older.
Her top teeth are coming in nicely. She is quite the lap puppy, that is when she is not tormenting Molly. Have a great day.

Hi Lea, Just wanted to give you a quick update on Little Ricky. He�s doing great. Very, very loveable and sweet but has a real spicy side.
So much fun watching him play with Leslie�s little Lilly. Coming along well with potty training.
Has never had a poop accident in the house. Our cat has taken a real interest in him�.they may turn out to be best friends.
He had his first puppy grooming the other day. Bath, blow dry, little snip around the face, feet, and privates. Nails clipped and ears cleaned.
What a handsome boy. We�re very anxious for Lucy and can�t wait to get her after Christmas.
Hopefully we can stop by soon to get a peek at that litter to ensure Little Lucy will be the brown one.
They�re 6 weeks now so I can�t imagine how they�ve grown and I�m sure the personalities are developing. We�ll give you a call to set up �a viewing.�
Thanks so much for raising such a sweet boy, Lea. I know Lucy will be equally as wonderful.
See you soon- Wendy

"If your looking for the puppy of your dreams then you have come to the right place!
As a little girl I dreamed about owning my own Shih-Tzu and Nor~Lea Shih Tzu of New York helped make that dream come true.
The puppies were of the most beautiful, healthy and intelligent that I had ever seen. Yet, that wasn't even the best part.
The communication, guidance and loving helping hand at Norlea was one of which I will never forget.
These are not just puppies for sale, they are members of their family that they are sharing with only those who promise to hold true to always love and care for them.
Upon arriving to choose my puppy I was greeted in to a wonderful home with lots of cheerful licking and barks.
The family made me comfortable and was happy to see me stay awhile and pick the puppy that was right for me.
I decided on a healthy, energetic, intelligent black and white female Shih-Tzu. She was 100% true to her breed.
All puppies are AKC certified and once you see them you will know why. I recommend Norlea to anyone who wants a reliable, trustworthy, loving breeder.
If you want someone who breeds because they love the animal and want others to share in the experience, not for profit. The prices are the best around and I would pay double for the friend that I made!
Once you see one you will want them all. I drove over four hours to get my puppy and am glad that I did.
Don't settle for dogs at pet stores that charge double. Make a smart choice and choose Nor~Lea Shih Tzu of New York as your breeder.
You will be glad you did, as will the friend you make for life!"
~Brittany Williams

Hi Lea, Just wanted to give you an update on our beautiful little girl we picked up last Thursday.
We have named her Roxy and EVERYONE loves her.!!
Our resident 5 yr old cockapoo, Taffy, is still not too thrilled but he is getting used to her.
She is so little and spunky!! If Taffy does something she follows him and tries to do it to!!
In spite of her size she really gets around. I think that Roxy wants to do everything that Taffy does.
She does seem to be very smart. She is doing well.
She cried a little the first two nights but we seem to be over that now. She is eating well and I think she is even a little bit bigger.
Thanks and we love our puppy,
Jean Hessney

Hi Lea, I just wanted to thank you again for my wonderful Shih Tzu puppie (Bonnie Bella).
She is absolutely beautiful with perfect markings and very smart too. I know it was because she was raised by you with lots of Love.
I wanted to let you that my Vet was very impressed with her too. He knew with out me telling him that I did not get her from a pet store.
He commmented that the breeder knew what they were doing because she is a perfect puppie with a great personality.
He was really amazed that we got to see her parents too he said most times you do not get to see the parents of your puppie.
I just wanted to let you know that both my husband and I are in Love with her she has us both wrapped around her little paw!
I will be reccomending you in the future for sure to any one that wants a shih tzu or sheltie puppie.
Please give me as a reference if anyone wants to now what quality puppies you raise. My husband and I can not thank you enough for our Bonnie Bella.

Hi Lea, just wanted to let you know that "Crystal" did wonderfully with the other dogs, played quite a bit last night, ate really well, I warmed up the cottage cheese and mixed it with the dry.
She didn't cry at all last night, slept with Madison the whole night. She actually went to the bathroom in the dog pen this morning too!
When the house wakes up later, I will send some pictures. Thanks for a wonderful puppy!
And for the best breeder experience I have ever had, you truly should be proud of yourself!
Lyn Biasin

Lea, I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know SIERRA is doing wonderful.
She is just a joy and loves her new big brother and he loves her. She is getting more love than you ever can imagine.
She is the healthiest little girl. You should really be proud of the quality of breed you are putting out.
The next few weeks are a bit crazy but as soon as things calm down on my end I will send photos.
Thanks so much,
Kim, Dave, Cameron, Reagan and Harley and lets not forget Sierra!!!!!

This is Kim Poutre, the peeps that bought the tiny puppy from you (Maggie) that lives here in Macedon.
I am letting you know that she is a great puppy! We all love her and she is getting plenty of love and attention!
Maggie traveled great on our trip up North (Plattsburgh is 6 hours). She was so good. We put her in a canvas crate (with door open and top open) in car.
She basically slept, but once in awhile she curled up on the back seat with someone for a short period and then wanted to go back in the crate.
She was too scared when she was out of the car for a rest break and had no interest in going potty, so she held it to and back.
When we finally got to our designation, took her an hour to finally go potty.
She was just great! Way back coming home, she was very happy to see home and went potty right away.

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